About Us 

The Living Cube is an idea that blossomed between real-life couple James and Shauna Roberts. The idea of establishing The Living Cube started to take root when the two were shopping for furniture for their own home. They were looking for specific minimalist furniture pieces that complement with each other and at the same time will fit the aesthetics of their modern minimalist home.  

Unfortunately, they had a hard time looking for the furniture that they wanted. Whenever they found something they liked, the prices were too much. Then, they also learned from friends of the challenges of looking for chic but affordable minimalist furniture. This then led them to thinking of starting their very own business.  

The idea started as a joke for the couple as they tried to source out the furniture that they wanted and then began helping friends who were also looking for the same type of furniture. Then they realized the feasibility of taking it on as a business.  

This is how The Living Cube was born. in 2010, they finally started their business in Prescott. And they were amazed by how much it was well-received by the people. From a small business with only one extra hand, aside from the couple, The Living Cube has now grown into a big furniture shop with at least 10 staff.  

Until now, James and Shauna remain very hands on in their business. They continue to be the ones sourcing out their furniture supply in order to maintain the quality of their products and the integrity of their business. The couple are now thinking of expanding their store into at least two more chains in Arizona due to the rising demand for their product.  

Very soon, this website will also start having an online shop that caters minimalist furniture. Watch out for it, we will be starting our online shop very soon.