Our Furniture 

In this section, you will be able to learn more about the furniture that we offer. We basically cater all types of furniture for the different rooms of your home. Here are what we have in store for you:  

 Living Room

Interested in a minimalist living room? Follow the tips below: 

  1. Choose a minimalist color palette for your living room. Choose only one base color and then up to a maximum of three accents in terms of the color of your furniture. The base color may be the color of the largest furniture, such as the sofa, and the other furniture can be either monochromatic or in a maximum of three complementary colors.  
  2. Declutter. Use our closed storage sets that can help you hide your clutter. Or choose our storage sets can be either turned on and off to hide or display your items.  
  3. Use space wisely. Take advantage of our furniture sets that showcase living spaces. We have open plan bookcases and drawers that can set off the space of your living room and enhance its look.  


Sleep or relax in peace. Use our tips below to get your zen in the bedroom:  

  1. Get a bed with clean lines. These give off an airy and comfortable feeling that is perfect for relaxing. We have lots of bed frames that show off sleek lines.  
  2. Use a platform bed that showcases it as the main focus inside the bedroom. A platform bed looks very elegant and enhances the coziness of your bedroom.  
  3. Make sure that your bedroom furniture has complementary colors or has a limited color palette. Avoid color clashes in the bedroom. If you need to use accents, limit it to one or two.  

Need to view our other furniture? Be on the lookout for updates.