The Home and Source of Great Furniture

Hello there! Welcome to the Living Cube, the home and source of great furniture perfect for minimalist living.  

The Living Cube specializes in producing furniture that are of minimalist design. Our furniture sets been carefully designed and selected to fit any aspect of your home and its different rooms.

Many people convert there garage using Living Cube. Often time they will consider garage door replacement before installation. We know for a fact that lot and home sizes are getting smaller these days given the rise in the prices of real estate. As such, it is important to make sure that your furniture conforms to the size of your home to ensure aesthetics, comfort and space. Our furniture sets are all geared towards ensuring simplicity and elegance and can definitely create a modern look for your home.  

So how do you choose your minimalist furniture from among our offers?  

Ensure simplicity  

It is important for you to keep things simple. Stick to the very basic shapes and to primary or monochromatic colors. A lot of our furniture are available in black, white, wenge and different shades of gray, making it very easy for you to mix and match. We can also have specific furniture available in bold colors to serve as accents.  

Buy serviceable furniture

By serviceable, we mean multipurpose furniture. Most of the modern furniture that we offer provides flexibility and ensures multi-functionality. For example, we offer bed frames that integrate storage spaces so that you have more space to store all your clutter. Or we can help you choose a bed frame that can be possibly expanded with a pullout bed. We even have sofas with spaces for drawers and desks. Or even TV cabinets with spaces for iPod docks and such. 

Choose floating furniture 

We have lots of floating shelves available that provide nice accents to your home while at the same time being very functional and serviceable. Choose bold colors or specific furniture that blends well or complements the look and feel of the rest of your furniture.  

Make sure that all of your furniture are paired well together 

We have various furniture that go in sets. We can provide a complete package for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, garage areas, among others. Or we can offer you the service of our artists and interior designers to help you put together furniture for your home. Just let us know what you need and we will be happy to  

Emphasize space

In a modern minimalist home, emphasis on space is important. The Living Cube offers you specially designed furniture that will help you ensure open spaces such as low cabinets, decorative dividers, furniture clusters, tables, sofas and so on. We wil help you make sure that each furniture piece helps elevate the look and feel of your home and complements its aesthetics.  

What are you waiting for? Browse our website now and choose the furniture pieces that are most appropriate to the look of your home. If in doubt, just contact us.