6 Simple Interior Decor DIY Projects

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As a homeowner, one of the hardest things is affording the expensive home décor that suits your taste. Sometimes, you have to trim your budget to give your home a new and amazing look. What some homeowners don’t know is that they can give their homes a sleek look with DIY décor projects.

The good news is that there are many sleek DIY home décor projects you can pick from. In fact, there are tens of them, and you still have room for your own creativity. In this guide, we have rounded up some of the best interior decor DIY projects.

Here are the best 6 simple interior décor DIY project:

For simple home DIY décor, we highly recommend that you capitalise on the minimalism styles. These home décor ideas concentrate on making the room more spacious by removing clutters and using simple décor ideas such as colour palettes, amongst others.  Here are six simple interior décor DIY projects that will transform the look of your space appeal.

Decluttering and Redesigning Furniture Layout

Removing some of the stuff in your space can make a huge transformation to your home décor. If you have excess chairs, tables, and sofas that you don’t need in the house, then you can remove them to create space in your room. Once you have decluttered the room, rearrange the furniture to create a new focal point. Move the focal point to a new point in the room, and you will be impressed by the changes. Change the position of the sofa set, table, Chairs, and so on to give your home a new look. This is a simple minimal décor idea that won’t cost you even a cent.

Painting Walls

painting walls

Painting your walls is one of the simplest minimal home décors. By just adding a fresh layer of paint, you can give your home a new look. When it comes to colour palettes, you need to be very selective in choosing the best option. However, do not bring an array of colours for your space. One or two colours will do magic if painted properly. White colour with some understated neutrals such as beige or greys is the most recommended combination. In addition, indigo and turquoise colours are quickly growing as a popular choice in the market. The trick is to paint bond colours that will make the room more lit.

Floating Bookshelves

If you several books in the living room, you use them for your interior décor. You can create an eye-catching illusion in your living room or the study room by installing a floating bookshelf. These are simple shelves made appear as if the books are floating on the wall. What you need is to install small shelves the size of the book and place the books on them. It would be great if you can shelve in different heights to create something that appeals to the eye. Then, mix books in different colours.

Introducing a Vintage Ladder

A vintage ladder is another simple home décor DIY project that every homeowner should try. The wooden ladder can be used to change the appeal of almost every space in your home. You can use these ladders for your living look, bedroom, bathroom, and the kitchen. For the living rooms, you can use it to hand extra blankets, placing books as well as placing planters. For the bathroom, you can use vintage ladders for placing soaps, towels, and other cleaning products. If you want to have a wooden ladder in the bedroom, it can be used to hold blankets, amongst other things.

Natural Plants

natural plants

Natural plants work magic when it comes to decorating your home using minimalism styles. Natural plants are very versatile in application and can work for any room. Plants work great for spacious rooms after decluttering. You can use plants in your living room, and it will have dramatic changes in your interior designs. You can also bring plants in the kitchen as well as your bedroom. We recommend the use of metallic gold flower pots as they produce an exquisite appeal to your space. You must also ensure that you are selecting the best flowers for interior décor. Succulents are the best choice for interrior décor.

Use Past Artefacts

If you love travelling and you have collected a number of artefacts in your past vacations, then you have a cheaper way of decorating your homes. Artefacts are unique, and it’s difficult to find its copy. You can use these items to decorate your house, and the result will be astounding. If you had bought a handmade basket, then you can use it in the living for placing keys, remotes, and other small items in the house. If it is some that you can on the wall, such as an artwork, then you can find a perfect place to hang it. There are many types of artefacts, and each of them can make a huge difference in your interior decor.

If you are looking for the best simple interior décor DIY projects, consider minimalism options. They offer the simplest, cheap, and yet elegant interior decors. However, pick what works for your space.